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Legacy Building Solutions – Engineered Fabric Structures

Legacy Building Solutions creates tension fabric membranes buildings on a rigid frame made of solid plate steel. The resulting buildings combine the load bearing capacity, lighter weight and simplified connections of rigid frame construction with the corrosion resistance, natural light and sound absorption of fabric. The patented fabric attachment system was designed to rectify deficiencies in other fabric building designs. Legacy's exclusive attachment system also reduces installation time and cost by fifty percent.


ClearSpan Fabric Structures added three length options to its HD Building solutions — 160, 180, and 200 feet. The HD Buildings are available in both gable- and round-style designs and can be mounted as a freestanding structure or affixed to other foundations, such as ponywalls or containers. HD Buildings are made from triple-galvanized structural steel tubing for the frame and a 12.5 oz., high-density polyethylene (HDPE) rip-stop fabric cover. Since there are no internal support posts, the building allows for maximum usable space.


Straight-seam ERW Atlas Pipe Piles

Atlas Pipe Piles delivers straight-seam ERW pipe piling for deep foundation projects across North America. Our straight-seam piles offer exceptional benefits for the entire project team, with superior load-bearing capacity and 30% less weld area compared to spiral-weld piles. Atlas pipe piles are prime product with total coil traceability and non-destructive testing inspections, made to ASTM A252 and A500 specifications. All Atlas pipe piles are 100% Made & Melted in America and meet the strictest Made in America and Buy American standards.   


Pile Dynamics, Inc reengineered its Pile Integrity Tester for low-strain integrity testing of deep foundations, giving it a large and bright color screen, a lighter enclosure, and a USB port for data transfer. This model is available with one (PIT-V) or two (PIT-FV) channels of data acquisition, both traditional (wired). The PIT performs pulse echo tests and consists of a main unit, one accelerometer, and one handheld hammer. The PIT-FV is most often supplied with one accelerometer and one instrumented hammer, but may also be used with two accelerometers.


Agru America’s Sure-Grip® Concrete Protective Liners

Sure-Grip Concrete Liners extend the life of tanks, pipes and other structures, by combining the flexibility and chemical resistance of thermoplastics with the strength of concrete. Sure-Grip is available in a variety of resins (HDPE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE), thicknesses and sheet/roll dimensions and is ideal for new cast-in-place construction, rehabilitation projects and prefabricated elements such as concrete pipes and manholes. It’s also available with an anti-skid surface, a coextruded signal layer and a self-cleaning surface.


Reinforced Earth®   MSE Retaining Wall System

Reinforced Earth® MSE retaining structures are an economical way to meet ordinary and extraordinary earth retention and load support needs for highways and bridges, railroads and mass transit systems, waterfronts, airports, loading docks, industrial and mining facilities and commercial and residential developments.  Each wall is a coherent gravity structure, custom-engineered by The Reinforced Earth Company to project-specific requirements including applied loading, foundation conditions, and aesthetics. The key components of a Reinforced Earth wall are galvanized steel high adherence reinforcing strips or reinforcing ladders, granular backfill and precast concrete facing panels.  The frictional bond between the backfill and the reinforcements is permanent and predictable and there is a reliable mechanical connection between reinforcements and facing panels.



Bentley Systems, Incorporated acquired BLUERIDGE Analytics, Inc., provider of SITEOPS site design optimization. SITEOPS uses cloud-based computing techniques to explore engineering alternatives and their costs. According to Bentley, SITEOPS performs site configuration simulations that fully assess millions of layout, parking, grading, and drainage options within hours; produces preliminary cost estimates and conceptual designs faster; optimizes site designs through advanced “optioneering;” and minimizes overall costs while ensuring engineering quality.


Presto Geosystems introduced GEOWEB MSE design freeware for GEOWEB geocell wall applications. The software creates vegetated and non-vegetated MSE designs based on the GEOWEB system for reinforced slopes, and for gravity and geogrid-reinforced walls. The software is based on industry-standard design methods and contains specific algorithms that capture the interaction between the GEOWEB system, infill and backfill soil, and geogrid reinforcement and specific factors of safety. In addition to performing the analysis, GEOWEB MSE software creates a full graphic design analysis output and cross-sectional drawings.


StormTech MC-4500 Chamber

Advanced Drainage Systems offers a line of StormTech stormwater chambers. StormTech chambers have been subjected to advanced in-ground testing and high-level industry expert review. The MC-4500 Chamber is designed to meet the most stringent industry performance standards for superior structural integrity while providing designers a cost-effective method to save valuable land and protect water resources. The system is designed primarily to be used under parking lots thus maximizing land usage for commercial and municipal applications.

Impact Resistant fiberglass reinforced HDPE Storm Rax

Impact resistant structural plastic has a cellular core surrounded by integral skins forming a totally integrated structure.  Structural molded parts made from fiberglass reinforced HDPE have a high strength-to-weight ratio and have 3 to 4 times greater rigidity than solid parts of the same material of equal weight. Storm Rax are designed to withstand the conditions of pond structures – rough handling, high/low temperatures and long term weather exposure.

StormKeeper™ Chambers Exceed ASTM F2418
Chambers Deliver Highest Performance, Reliability in Compact Footprint

Lane Enterprises’ new StormKeeper™ family of chambers offers maximum performance, storage efficiency and value in a smaller footprint.  The SK180 and SK75 chambers are injection molded from Virgin Polypropylene and designed with sophisticated Finite Element Analysis (CANDE) techniques to deliver the highest structural integrity and arch stiffness. The chambers, which exceed ASTM F2418, offer complete reliability to the engineer designing a retention or detention system, and provide the ability to meet almost all site elevation constraints.


HSS in Large Sizes for Large Load Demands

Hollow structural sections (HSS) are structural elements that help engineers solve complex design issues. HSS are particularly well-suited for structures with large load demands, including vertical columns, diagonal bracing, long spans and seismic applications. With exceptional functional performance and flexibility, HSS are a superior, cost-effective alternative to open sections and built-up, welded box sections. Atlas Tube offers the broadest size range of HSS in North America — including the new ASTM A1085 specification — and is the exclusive provider of Jumbo HSS.



Catsurveys Group Ltd.’s Mobile Ground Penetrating Radar (MGPR) combines the benefits of GPR and corrected GNSS data. The MGPR uses multiple low- and intermediate-frequency antennas to boost data quality. Double-polarized antennas cover both longitudinal and transversal scans to create underground images. The mobile system enables rapid data collection, allowing the survey to be carried out in the office, reducing project time, health and safety risks, and lowering cost when compared with traditional push GPR.


Corrosion Resistant Aboveground and Underground Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Xerxes manufactures a wide range of aboveground and underground fiberglass tanks designed to meet the demands of the growing water and wastewater markets. Fiberglass storage tanks are a preferred choice compared to concrete, steel and poly storage tanks where corrosion can be a concern. Xerxes storage tanks are ideally suited for a wide range of applications including rainwater harvesting, fire protection, potable water, grease interceptors and onsite wastewater.                                                                                     

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