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BioD-Mat® woven bristle coir blankets

RoLanka’s BioD-Mat® blankets are woven from machine-spun bristle coir (coconut fiber) twines. Coir fiber is a renewal natural resource, a by-product from the coconut industry.  These semi-permanent 100% biodegradable, strong and durable bristle coir woven blankets provide higher resistance upon installation while supporting growth and development of vegetation. These blankets allow designers and specifiers to go beyond the design limits of other types of organic erosion control blankets.


NACE International Presents CORROSION 2016

Join NACE International and fellow corrosion professionals at the world’s largest corrosion conference and expo. CORROSION 2016 will join more than 5,500 corrosion professionals and 450 exhibiting companies in Vancouver, Canada for an educational event focused on the prevention and mitigation of corrosion worldwide. With more than 1,000 hours of technical education across 14 unique industries & technology tracks, the CORROSION conference is the key to finding your specific corrosion solutions. Register Today!


Myth: All Fabric Structures are Alike

Legacy Building Solutions designs, manufactures, engineers and installs custom fabric structures. We were the first to apply fabric to a rigid steel frame allowing for expanded design capabilities. Our patented fabric attachment system elevated the industry in safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Legacy offers fast-track construction, concept to post-installation project management and service. Achieving ISO 9001:2008 and CSA 660, our commitment to quality and our customers is evident as you work with our experienced team. We changed the game in safety, engineering and client satisfaction. Seeing is believing. Visit to see a drone fly-through video or contact Legacy with your next project requirements. 


Agru America’s Sure-Grip® Concrete Protective Liners

Sure-Grip Concrete Liners extend the life of tanks, pipes and other structures, by combining the flexibility and chemical resistance of thermoplastics with the strength of concrete. Sure-Grip is available in a variety of resins (HDPE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE), thicknesses and sheet/roll dimensions and is ideal for new cast-in-place construction, rehabilitation projects and prefabricated elements such as concrete pipes and manholes. It’s also available with an anti-skid surface, a coextruded signal layer and a self-cleaning surface.


Professional Publications, Inc. (PPI) –FE, PE, and SE Exam Review

Prepare to pass the FE, PE, and SE exams with comprehensive review from PPI—the leading publisher and provider of engineering and building professional exam preparation reference manuals, review courses, and online practice tools. Since 1975, quality has been paramount at PPI—in fact, it is the driving force behind everything we do. With best-selling exam review such as the Civil Engineering Reference Manual, written by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE, PPI is your guide to exam success and beyond. Visit and explore the latest exam FAQs, articles, and materials.


Reinforced Earth®   MSE Retaining Wall System

Reinforced Earth® MSE retaining structures are an economical way to meet ordinary and extraordinary earth retention and load support needs for highways and bridges, railroads and mass transit systems, waterfronts, airports, loading docks, industrial and mining facilities and commercial and residential developments.  Each wall is a coherent gravity structure, custom-engineered by The Reinforced Earth Company to project-specific requirements including applied loading, foundation conditions, and aesthetics. The key components of a Reinforced Earth wall are galvanized steel high adherence reinforcing strips or reinforcing ladders, granular backfill and precast concrete facing panels.  The frictional bond between the backfill and the reinforcements is permanent and predictable and there is a reliable mechanical connection between reinforcements and facing panels.



Are you frustrated with Bentley's Licensing Policies?  Are your Quarterly Term License (QTL) license overage bills unpredictable? Would you like to control or eliminate your overages? Integrity Software understands Bentley's licensing policies and we have worked hard to translate their policies into action.   Successfully helping 100s of engineering firms such as yours, our product, SofTrack provides natively aware license usage control of all your Bentley Applications by product ID codes including when layered (MDL and interactive user selection).

IES VisualAnalysis 12.0

Since 1994 VisualAnalysis has helped engineers solve analysis and design problems in a practical, affordable way. The program is extremely easy for frames, trusses, tanks, and much more. Sketch a model, apply loads, view graphical results and create professional design reports. Download a free-trial to see what this IES tool can do for you.


Bentley Systems, Incorporated acquired BLUERIDGE Analytics, Inc., provider of SITEOPS site design optimization. SITEOPS uses cloud-based computing techniques to explore engineering alternatives and their costs. According to Bentley, SITEOPS performs site configuration simulations that fully assess millions of layout, parking, grading, and drainage options within hours; produces preliminary cost estimates and conceptual designs faster; optimizes site designs through advanced “optioneering;” and minimizes overall costs while ensuring engineering quality.


Presto Geosystems introduced GEOWEB MSE design freeware for GEOWEB geocell wall applications. The software creates vegetated and non-vegetated MSE designs based on the GEOWEB system for reinforced slopes, and for gravity and geogrid-reinforced walls. The software is based on industry-standard design methods and contains specific algorithms that capture the interaction between the GEOWEB system, infill and backfill soil, and geogrid reinforcement and specific factors of safety. In addition to performing the analysis, GEOWEB MSE software creates a full graphic design analysis output and cross-sectional drawings.


StormTech MC-4500 Chamber

Advanced Drainage Systems offers a line of StormTech stormwater chambers. StormTech chambers have been subjected to advanced in-ground testing and high-level industry expert review. The MC-4500 Chamber is designed to meet the most stringent industry performance standards for superior structural integrity while providing designers a cost-effective method to save valuable land and protect water resources. The system is designed primarily to be used under parking lots thus maximizing land usage for commercial and municipal applications.

Impact Resistant fiberglass reinforced HDPE Storm Rax

Impact resistant structural plastic has a cellular core surrounded by integral skins forming a totally integrated structure.  Structural molded parts made from fiberglass reinforced HDPE have a high strength-to-weight ratio and have 3 to 4 times greater rigidity than solid parts of the same material of equal weight. Storm Rax are designed to withstand the conditions of pond structures – rough handling, high/low temperatures and long term weather exposure.


Expansion Joint Covers SSR and SSRW Systems

CS Expansion Joint Covers’ SSR and SSRW systems are designed for interior and exterior seismic applications where cover concealment is desired in deeper floor finishes. The joint covers can accept virtually any material which provides a seamless transition over the expansion joint. The modular pan’s design and elite edge protection eliminate deflection and cracking. The exclusive Delrin® bearings allow the cover to move smoothly and prevent binding, unlike covers using metal to metal components.

Cast-in-place anchor channel system

The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) issued an evaluation report (ESR-3520) providing evidence that the Hilti Anchor Channel in combination with Hilti Channel Bolt satisfies the requirements of the code for cast-in-place anchor systems. The report confirms that Hilti Anchor Channel system, manufactured by Hilti, complies with 2015, 2012, 2009, and 2006 International Codes. ICC-ES thoroughly examined product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods, and other factors to ensure that the Hilti Anchor Channel system is code-compliant.


Corrosion Resistant Aboveground and Underground Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Xerxes manufactures a wide range of aboveground and underground fiberglass tanks designed to meet the demands of the growing water and wastewater markets. Fiberglass storage tanks are a preferred choice compared to concrete, steel and poly storage tanks where corrosion can be a concern. Xerxes storage tanks are ideally suited for a wide range of applications including rainwater harvesting, fire protection, potable water, grease interceptors and onsite wastewater.                                                                                     

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