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The Autodesk BIM 360 Layout app for iOS uses the BIM 360 cloud service to allow contractors to connect building information modeling to the construction layout process. With a direct connection to the Topcon LN-100 Robotic Instrument via WiFi, field users are guided to physical locations on jobsites based on points created in the 3D models that are represented in the BIM 360 Layout app. The Autodesk BIM 360 Layout app is available for download on the Apple App Store and requires a subscription to the BIM 360 web service.


Aluminum Bridge Decks

AlumaBridge, LLC produces two primary aluminum deck systems — an 8-inch-deep bridge deck to replace concrete on structurally deficient bridges and a 5-inch-deep deck alternative to steel grid decks. Newly designed end extrusions run along the edges of the deck and can be modified to accommodate various panel widths. These extrusions are also designed for guard rail connections. According to the company, the strength of structural aluminum mirrors that of monolithic concrete but is corrosion-resistant and only about one-fifth the weight.


Erosion Control Website

Tensar North American Green launched a new website ( that the company said provides an enhanced user experience and easy access to erosion control products and systems information, project case studies, installation videos, and literature. Website visitors can register at to gain full access to online tools and resources including installation guides, product specifications, design software, installation details, and more. The site includes ECMDS 5.0 software for project evaluation, design, and specification, as well as a distributor locator tool.


Straight-seam ERW Atlas Pipe Piles

Atlas Pipe Piles delivers straight-seam ERW pipe piling for deep foundation projects across North America. Our straight-seam piles offer exceptional benefits for the entire project team, with superior load-bearing capacity and 30% less weld area compared to spiral-weld piles. Atlas pipe piles are prime product with total coil traceability and non-destructive testing inspections, made to ASTM A252 and A500 specifications. All Atlas pipe piles are 100% Made & Melted in America and meet the strictest Made in America and Buy American standards.   


GPU Rendering Appliance

NVIDIA introduced a GPU rendering appliance that accelerates ray tracing, enabling professional designers to interact with computer models with high visual fidelity. The NVIDIA Iray Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) combines hardware and software to accelerate the work of NVIDIA Iray — a photorealistic renderer integrated into design tools such as Dassault Systemes’ CATIA and Autodesk’s 3ds Max. Iray VCA uses eight of NVIDIA’s most powerful GPUs, each with 12 GB of graphics memory, which together deliver 23,040 CUDA architecture cores.


Asphalt Cooling App

The National Asphalt Pavement Association provided funding to David Timm, Ph.D., and Ben Peters of Auburn University to develop MultiCool V2.0. MultiCool calculates the rate of cooling for an asphalt mat during construction. Time, date, location, and weather information can be calculated automatically and the user need only add details about the mixture and the surface it is being placed atop. The program then returns a chart showing how quickly each lift will cool and when the next lift can be placed. It can be downloaded for Android devices through the Google Play app store or visit the website below to access the desktop or mobile Web version.


Flush-joint PVC Pipe

North American Specialty Products’ StraightShot restrained-joint PVC pipe features the company’s Certa-Lok mechanical joining system, which provides a smooth, flush joint without the need for the time-consuming and costly fusion process required with HDPE and fusible PVC pipe. According to the company, StraightShot is ideal for guided boring and gravity sewer projects where precise grading is critical as well as slip lining and micro-tunneling applications. StraightShot is available in 1-, 2-, and 3 meter lengths and in outside diameters of 8 or 15 inches, both in DR14.


Reinforced Earth®   MSE Retaining Wall System

Reinforced Earth® MSE retaining structures are an economical way to meet ordinary and extraordinary earth retention and load support needs for highways and bridges, railroads and mass transit systems, waterfronts, airports, loading docks, industrial and mining facilities and commercial and residential developments.  Each wall is a coherent gravity structure, custom-engineered by The Reinforced Earth Company to project-specific requirements including applied loading, foundation conditions, and aesthetics. The key components of a Reinforced Earth wall are galvanized steel high adherence reinforcing strips or reinforcing ladders, granular backfill and precast concrete facing panels.  The frictional bond between the backfill and the reinforcements is permanent and predictable and there is a reliable mechanical connection between reinforcements and facing panels.



Bentley Systems, Incorporated acquired BLUERIDGE Analytics, Inc., provider of SITEOPS site design optimization. SITEOPS uses cloud-based computing techniques to explore engineering alternatives and their costs. According to Bentley, SITEOPS performs site configuration simulations that fully assess millions of layout, parking, grading, and drainage options within hours; produces preliminary cost estimates and conceptual designs faster; optimizes site designs through advanced “optioneering;” and minimizes overall costs while ensuring engineering quality.


Oracle Primavera Unifier 10.0 combines Primavera Project Delivery Management, Primavera Cost Controls, and Primavera Capital Planning into one application — Primavera Unifier Project Controls. The new release also includes expanded support for mobile devices, more flexible navigation, and calculation features as well as broader browser compatibility. Users who create business process records on a mobile device can attach photos to records — such as requests for information, potential change orders, and work orders — in a single step.


Presto Geosystems introduced GEOWEB MSE design freeware for GEOWEB geocell wall applications. The software creates vegetated and non-vegetated MSE designs based on the GEOWEB system for reinforced slopes, and for gravity and geogrid-reinforced walls. The software is based on industry-standard design methods and contains specific algorithms that capture the interaction between the GEOWEB system, infill and backfill soil, and geogrid reinforcement and specific factors of safety. In addition to performing the analysis, GEOWEB MSE software creates a full graphic design analysis output and cross-sectional drawings.


Stormwater Management Products

Oldcastle Precast Inc. acquired the assets of KriStar Enterprises Inc. The purchase includes three manufacturing locations in California and all related intellectual property. KriStar developed stormwater management products to meet the evolving demands of federal, state, and local regulations. Oldcastle Precast will focus on marketing these solutions to regulators, owners, and civil and environmental engineers nationwide. Oldcastle Precast said it will offer the largest breadth of product in the industry, including the FloGard Dual Vortex, FloGard PerkFilter, and Bio-Mod brands.


HSS in Large Sizes for Large Load Demands

Hollow structural sections (HSS) are structural elements that help engineers solve complex design issues. HSS are particularly well-suited for structures with large load demands, including vertical columns, diagonal bracing, long spans and seismic applications. With exceptional functional performance and flexibility, HSS are a superior, cost-effective alternative to open sections and built-up, welded box sections. Atlas Tube offers the broadest size range of HSS in North America — including the new ASTM A1085 specification — and is the exclusive provider of Jumbo HSS.


Structural Monitoring System

Imetrum signed a distribution agreement with RESPEC — an integrated consultancy and services firm with substantial experience in mining — to make Imetrum’s Video Gauge camera-based structural monitoring system available to the North American civil, structural, geotechnical, and mining communities. The Video Gauge is able to track a wide variety of structures. According to the company, movement can be monitored to less than 0.1 mm and recorded video data can be stored for analysis later, or processed and transmitted for realtime monitoring, with the aim of providing richer data and a quicker, more cost-effective method of assessing structural and geological movement.

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