Dire States tour visits Texas to support Proposition 1

Racine, Wis. — CASE Construction Equipment has partnered with the Texas Good Roads and Transportation Association and ASCO Equipment to bring its Dire States initiative to Texas in support of Proposition 1 (the Texas Transportation Funding Amendment). The amendment, which would direct an estimated $1.4 billion annually from oil and gas tax revenues in the state's Rainy Day Fund, will be on the Nov. 4 ballot and support investment in new highway/transportation construction and maintenance.

Dire States is a grassroots effort by CASE to raise awareness for the role that state and local governments play in securing infrastructure investment, through legislative initiatives, public-private partnerships (P3s), state revolving funds and other innovative funding methods. The effort kicked off with a nationwide tour in 2013 and 2014 by author and infrastructure expert Dan McNichol. McNichol circumnavigated the country in a 1949 Hudson that is as "old, rusty and energy defunct" as much of America's infrastructure.   

"Like much of the country, Texas has underinvested in infrastructure," says Lawrence Olsen, executive vice president, Texas Good Roads. "This amendment will serve as a good first step in providing new methods of investment – but it's just that: a first step. Many state and independent organizations report significant funding gaps for years to come to simply maintain road and bridge maintenance/congestion at 2010 levels. Now is the time to build a better infrastructure for future generations."

ASCO Equipment, a construction equipment dealer with 20 locations throughout Texas, recognizes the need for investment and the effect that it has on jobs and the state economy. "There is a need for investment, and with that investment will come thousands of skilled jobs and increased investment in everything from manufacturing to aggregate production," says Kirby Carpenter, strategic account manager, ASCO Equipment. "Infrastructure investment is a proven economy builder and this amendment is a much-needed shot in the arm for infrastructure investment in Texas."

The Dire States tour made its first pass through Texas in January, and CASE immediately saw a correlation between the tour's message and challenges facing Texas. "While we fully support and recognize the need for infrastructure investment at the federal level, states and municipalities must stand up and find new ways to invest to achieve safe and modern infrastructure systems," says Jim Hasler, vice president, CASE Construction Equipment. "This includes everything from roads and bridges to energy transportation/distribution, ports, waste systems and transit. Texas has recognized this need and is taking a great step with this ballot initiative, and CASE and Dire States will be here to support it."

The July tour will feature McNichol and his 1949 Hudson, as well as speakers from Texas Good Roads and other partner associations throughout the state. The initial blitz includes seven events in three days:

Tuesday, July 8

  • 11:00 AM: Texas Good Roads Annual Meeting at the Four Seasons (98 San Jacinto Blvd.) in Austin.
  • 6:00 PM: Fish Fry at The Depot Civic & Cultural Center (600 E. Depot St.) in Brownwood.

Wednesday, July 9

  • 7:30 AM: Breakfast at the Hilton Garden (4449 Ridgemont) in Abilene
  • 12:30 PM: Luncheon at Spirit Ranch (701 Regis St.) in Lubbock

Thursday, July 10

  • 7:30 AM: Breakfast at the Chamber of Commerce (1000 Polk) in Amarillo
  • 12:00 PM: Lunch at the Childress Auditorium (1000 Commerce St.) in Childress
  • 4:00 PM: A reception at the Travel Center (306 Scott St.) in Wichita Falls

For more information on Dire States, visit www.DireStates.com.     

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