MWH awarded WateReuse Research Foundation project

Broomfield, Colo. — MWH Global was awarded the “Drivers, successes, challenges and opportunities for onsite industrial water reuse” project from the WateReuse Research Foundation. The project goal is to develop a roadmap that will support the expansion of onsite industrial water reuse practices, which are recognized as a key component of industrial water footprint reduction. In fact, the implementation of reuse practices eliminates wastewater discharges that degrade receiving water resources, mitigates demand of freshwater supplies and can reduce energy costs.

As water and energy scarcity continue to impact the planet, pressures to find energy efficient opportunities to reuse water in the industrial sector will continue to increase. This study will bring together key players from a variety of industrial sectors in order to understand the current state of industrial water reuse, including best practices, assess opportunities for future expansion of reuse applications, identify potential impediments that hinder the growth of reuse practices, identify economic, technological or regulatory drivers that could enhance water reuse development.

For this project, MWH will have many partners and participants from municipal, governmental and industrial sectors in the United States and overseas. The study participants will share information about current and future water recycling practices in their sector, as well as insight into the research needs, necessary business cases and implementation constraints and barriers of their industrial sector classification.

Dr. Joseph Jacangelo, Director of the Research Group at MWH, stated: “Today, we see many industries requiring substantial quantities of water to support their production processes and the promotion of environmental stewardship practices that reduce corporate water footprints can mitigate business risks considerably. This is why wastewater recovery and reuse is crucial to address water and energy scarcity issues”. 

The mission of the WateReuse Foundation is to conduct and promote applied research on the reclamation, recycling, reuse, and desalination of water. For further information:

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