Civil + Structural Engineer Microsite Library

The Civil + Structural Engineer Microsite library consists of individual, client-sponsored online communication channels designed for the Civil + Structural Engineer and cenews.com communities. The dynamic content on each sponsored microsite—provided by the paid sponsor—is assembled, hosted, and thoroughly maintained by Civil + Structural Engineer staff. In addition to topic-specific articles and resources, Civil + Structural Engineer Microsites may contain dynamic features such as online polls, forums, and webinars, which are intended to educate visitors and encourage an interactive community.

Civil + Structural Engineer Microsites:

Esri GIS Solutions Microsite

Bently Professional Development Series

If you would like to learn more about sponsoring a Civil + Structural Engineer Microsite to promote a product or service, and educate the civil engineering community, please contact:

Bob Doran
Director of Sales
770.587.9421 office
678.485.8321 mobile

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