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Civil + Structural Engineer Webcast Series consist of sponsored, online presentations about timely topics affecting the design and construction industry. Take part in a unique opportunity to earn free continuing education credit by viewing these synchronized visual and audio presentations streamed over the Internet. These online events may provide interactive features such as desktop presentations for product demonstration, and interactive real-time polling, surveys, and a question and answer tool.

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The desire for cost savings can result in the use of thin concrete slabs; however, slab deflection performance is difficult to predict. Factors that influence deflection are not accurately known during the design phase because many parameters depend on conditions at the job site. Long-term deformations can result in costly issues and post-construction litigation.

This webcast will discuss deflection issues, parameters affecting deflection, and several deflection calculation methods. The variability of deflections and a reasonable range of predictions will also be discussed, concluding with recommendations for design practice utilizing off-the-shelf software.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the types of problems that can be caused by excessive deflections
  • Identify the major factors influencing concrete slab deflection and the variability of deflections in the field
  • Understand differences between modern calculation prediction methods
  • Outline a practical approach for deflection design

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To earn credit for an archived webcast, you must register to view the on-demand event and complete the supplied quiz after viewing the presentation. If you answer at least 80 percent of the questions correctly, you can immediately download a certificate of completion and will be awarded 1.0 professional development hour (equivalent to 0.1 continuing education unit in most states.)

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