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Bob Drake
2015 design software suites

Autodesk introduced its 2015 Suites for buildings, civil infrastructure, and oil and gas projects: Autodesk Building Design Suite, Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite, and Autodesk Plant Design Suite. In addition, Autodesk said its InfraWorks 360 family of offerings now includes enhanced roads and highways capabilities and new features to help civil engineers model and visualize more realistic bridge design concepts. New features available in all of the 2015 Design Suites include an updated, modern interface; one-button access to Autodesk BIM 360 for better integration with the cloud; and enhanced point cloud capabilities that include improved control over point cloud datasets and enhanced display settings. Autodesk
FDOT approves polypropylene pipe

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) announced that the Florida Department of Transportation approved the use of ADS’ High Performance polypropylene pipe in 12-inch through 60-inch diameters for 100-year design service life applications in accordance with FDOT’s 2014 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, Section 948-7. According to FDOT documents, polypropylene pipe has passed the needed testing to be accepted for 100-year side drain, cross drain, and storm sewer applications. Until project plans and specifications reflect this update, PP pipe may be selected by the contractor for any project where high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is allowed. Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.
Mobile GIS app

Cityworks–Azteca Systems’ Cityworks Mobile gives users the ability to leverage the full power and capabilities of Cityworks on a variety of mobile devices for both connected and disconnected use. For disconnected use, Cityworks Mobile offers apps for iOS, Android, and HTML5 (in version 2014). Built using Esri’s mobile Software Development Kits, Cityworks Mobile apps are optimized for processing specialized workflows even when a persistent connection is not available. For connected use, agencies can use Cityworks Field Mode. Optimized for browsers on tablet devices and leveraging Esri’s Javascript API, field users have access to the full power of Cityworks while in the field. Cityworks Mobile apps do not require setup and maintenance of a secondary database. Cityworks–Azteca Systems
Construction document organization

CSI and CSC released the 2014 updates to MasterFormat, used to organize construction documents for commercial, industrial, and institutional building projects in the U.S. and Canada. Significant revisions in this update include the addition of “selective demolition” sections to most divisions of the format, providing guidance for companies and project managers who need to incorporate demolition into their plans. Additional changes in the 2014 edition include reorganizing “Process Liquid Pumps” in Division 43 as a result of input from members of the Hydraulic Institute and expanding “Agreement Forms” in Section 00 52 00 to improve alignment with standard forms of agreement. CSI
Software training videos app

Eagle Point Software Corporation released a mobile app for its Pinnacle Series solution, available for download from the Apple App Store. This free app offers subscribers mobile device access to a library of Autodesk training videos available in Pinnacle Series. Current subscribers can view just-in-time training delivered via more than 200 video lessons in each discipline (architecture, civil engineering, MEP, and structural engineering) for a variety of Autodesk products. The video lessons include short “How-to” videos to help users learn commands at their own pace, as well as in-depth training videos that enable 24/7 access to classes recorded from live expert-led training sessions. Eagle Point Software Corporation
BIM collaboration platform

GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud is a full-fledged BIM collaboration platform allowing teams of any size to collaborate on native BIM data in real-time. The company said its patented Delta-Server technology allows real-time collaboration on complex Building Information Models regardless of the size or location of the collaborating team. Cloud-based system architecture guarantees simultaneous access to collaborative BIM projects 24/7 for any number of endpoints from any location in the world equipped with a standard Internet connection. Connection between client computers running the BIM applications and server computers providing the collaboration platform in the cloud requires no special hardware or additional software. GRAPHISOFT
Precast railroad crossing

Hanson Pipe & Precast’s Premier Railroad Crossing is a precast, modular reinforced concrete system that, according to the company, allows for smooth roadway crossings over railroad tracks while installing quicker and lasting longer than other crossing styles. The Premier crossing eliminates the need for ballast, ties, and railroad fasteners, and eliminates spike kill and plate cutting. To install, crews remove the old crossing, lay a new bed, put the precast units into place, reinstall the rail into the recesses, bolt center pieces into place, and fit/fasten down the rails and settings. Hanson Pipe & Precast
LEED project management

Integrated Environmental Solutions’ online project management system, IES TaP for LEED, now supports the USGBC’s latest LEED Version 4 and has been validated by USGBC for integration with LEED Online. Users can use the tool to review their project status, populate all LEED online forms, and upload relevant documentation, ready for final submission to USGBC. With IES TaP, responsibility is assigned to each individual documentation requirement, not just responsibility for the credit, along with a date required. IES TaP also automatically sends email notifications when documentation is uploaded, or is overdue, and project update notifications throughout the project. Integrated Environmental Solutions
Concrete sealing compound

W. R. MEADOWS introduced INTRAGUARD, a water-based, penetrating concrete sealing compound for exterior concrete surfaces specifically designed to limit the intrusion of moisture and chlorides into concrete surfaces. According to the company, its proprietary blend of silane and siloxane penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete to help protect it from scaling caused by deicing salts. INTRAGUARD weatherproofs and protects virtually all exterior concrete surfaces, including concrete driveways, walkways, and parking lots. It is water-based and VOC-compliant. W. R. MEADOWS
3D laser scanner

Leica Geosystems said its latest 3D laser scanner, the Leica ScanStation P15, combines high-performance scanning with a user-friendly interface. Suitable for a wide range of non-surveying applications, including interior and short-range uses, the latest model offers a simplified user interface and optimized workflow, with no prior surveying knowledge or training required for operation, Leica said. ScanStation P15, based on the advanced ScanStation P20, offers the same 3D scanning technology with high measurement speed and accuracy up to 131 feet at a lower price point. Leica Geosystems Inc.
Geotechnical drill

Little Beaver’s Lone Star LS T1 Geotechnical Drill is mounted on a single-axle trailer that can be towed by an ATV or small truck. It comes with Little Beaver’s SSK1 kit, which includes a tower, pulley, third hydraulic valve, and a steel cathead. The kit allows users to perform standard penetration tests with Little Beaver’s optional 140-pound safety hammer, split spoon samplers, and AWJ drilling rod. Solid stem augers are available in 3- to 8-inch diameters. The unit can drill 6-inch boreholes to a depth of 100 feet. Little Beaver
Asphalt cooling app

The National Asphalt Pavement Association provided funding to David Timm, Ph.D., and Ben Peters of Auburn University to develop MultiCool V2.0. MultiCool calculates the rate of cooling for an asphalt mat during construction. Time, date, location, and weather information can be calculated automatically and the user need only add details about the mixture and the surface it is being placed atop. The program then returns a chart showing how quickly each lift will cool and when the next lift can be placed. It can be downloaded for Android devices through the Google Play app store or visit the website below to access the desktop or mobile Web version. National Asphalt Pavement Association
Flush-joint PVC pipe

North American Specialty Products’ StraightShot restrained-joint PVC pipe features the company’s Certa-Lok mechanical joining system, which provides a smooth, flush joint without the need for the time-consuming and costly fusion process required with HDPE and fusible PVC pipe. According to the company, StraightShot is ideal for guided boring and gravity sewer projects where precise grading is critical as well as slip lining and micro-tunneling applications. StraightShot is available in 1-, 2-, and 3-meter lengths and in outside diameters of 8 or 15 inches, both in DR14. North American Specialty Products LLC
Design checks

Nemetschek Scia introduced Scia Design Forms, an open design technology that allows civil and structural engineers to write their own checks and engineering calculations, which can then be linked to Scia Engineer, the company’s finite element analysis software. According to the company, with Scia Design Forms, engineering firms can centralize design tasks into one integrated workflow, see exactly what formulas and methods are being used for a check, modify code checks, and remove the dependency on any one software vendor. Nemetschek Scia
Project management apps

Newforma’s Web-based project management platform, Newforma Project Cloud, has added new functionality, accessed at the product and through mobile apps. Quality Control tools enable users to identify, fix, and verify onsite activities. Spatial Index tools allow an administrator to define project spaces to locate quality control tasks such as work-to-complete and non-compliance items. Newforma Project Cloud integrates with new mobile apps for field management: Newforma Tasks app displays punch list assignments, work-to-complete items, and other quality control tasks; Newforma Capture app provides one place for project team members to collect and categorize non-compliance items and other field data, supplemented by photos taken with a mobile device. Newforma
GPU rendering appliance

NVIDIA introduced a GPU rendering appliance that accelerates ray tracing, enabling professional designers to interact with computer models with high visual fidelity. The NVIDIA Iray Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) combines hardware and software to accelerate the work of NVIDIA Iray — a photorealistic renderer integrated into design tools such as Dassault Systemes’ CATIA and Autodesk’s 3ds Max. Iray VCA uses eight of NVIDIA’s most powerful GPUs, each with 12 GB of graphics memory, which together deliver 23,040 CUDA architecture cores. NVIDIA
Battery-powered CCTV

Quatro Electronics developed the SmartTower, a battery-powered, wireless device designed to provide HD video verified CCTV in locations with limited power and no landline communications. The top of the SmartTower houses a wireless PTZ camera with HD resolution and on-board storage capacity of up to 64 GB, which is linked to a state-of-the-art alarm. It can be powered by AC power, wind, solar, or hydrogen fuel cell and, according to the company, can operate for as long as three months continuously without recharging, making it ideal for construction sites. Quatro Electronics
Cable system

Hendrix Wire & Cable said its Spacer Cable Systems improves the reliability and power quality of primary distribution systems while making them more resistant to storm damage. The compact configuration and reduced clearance requirements allow for multiple circuits to be installed on a single pole, reducing right-of-way problems and the number of poles required. System strength makes the Spacer Cable ideal for spans as long as 1,500 feet. The ability to span rivers, freeways, marshes, and lakes provides a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive solution to difficult design problems. Hendrix Wire & Cable
Mobile BIM

Tekla acquired SVS Innovations’ construction software business and its Field3D mobile technology to further strengthen Tekla’s position in mobile BIM applications development. Field3D is a 3D collaboration software solution for BIM that works on mobile devices, enabling stakeholders in a construction workflow to access complete 3D model information for an entire building on smartphones and tablets. According to Tekla, Field3D can fluently manage 3D models on mobile devices regardless of model size. Tekla
3D models from scan data

Trimble’s Scan Explorer Extension for SketchUp Pro enables architects, engineers, and geospatial professionals to create models from 3D scanning data, connecting high-resolution field data from Trimble scanners with professional modeling software. Streamlined tools and one-touch features allow users to extract construction points and lines that are used as a guide to simplify and expedite the modeling process. The extension includes a simple-to-use edge extraction tool, allowing users to decipher important cues from the scan data directly into their model building space. Trimble
U.S. land cover maps

The U.S. Geological Survey released the National Land Cover Database (NLCD 2011), the latest edition of the nation’s most comprehensive look at land-surface conditions that shows the extent of land cover types. Based on Landsat satellite imagery taken in 2011, NLCD 2011 describes the land cover of each 30-meter cell of land in the conterminous U.S. and identifies which ones have changed since 2006. NLCD 2011 products depict 16 classes of land cover, define the degree of surface imperviousness in urban areas, and quantify the amount of tree canopy cover. U.S. Geological Survey
Software website

XP Solutions launched its new global website — The new website includes updated information about XP Solutions software as well as regional-based training information, upcoming webinars, product information, and news; software support; case studies; previous XP-LIVE recorded webinars where engineers discuss concepts and practices in modeling; and Xpertorial videos that provide tips and tricks in using XP Solutions products. The home page provides the latest news and upcoming events at XP Solutions. XP Solutions
Survey drafting tools

MicroSurvey released MicroSurvey inCAD 2014 and MicroSurvey embeddedCAD 2014. MicroSurvey inCAD 2014 is a plugin that adds the MicroSurvey feature set to the latest Autodesk software, including AutoCAD 2014, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014, and AutoCAD Map 3D 2014, to offer a complete survey drafting toolkit, including COGO, DTM, traversing, adjustments, volumes, contouring, and more. MicroSurvey embeddedCAD 2014 is a standalone application that is powered with Autodesk technology and includes the latest AutoCAD OEM 2014 enhanced with the suite of MicroSurvey tools. It incorporates the full suite of survey drafting tools. MicroSurvey

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