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Bob Drake

Annotation app

Panda Eyed Devs released Note Pilot, an app that allows iPad users to annotate images, PDF documents, and emails. Note Pilot incorporates image capture, handwritten notes, typed notes, and recorded sound into a file to be shared via email with a single click. Note Pilot’s Audio Recording provides a new dimension to note taking, allowing users to incorporate the power of sound into their files. With just a few clicks, Note Pilot allows a user to compile a detailed annotation including both handwritten and typed notes, spoken words, and images.

Panda Eyed Devs

Workstation with touch capability

HP’s second-generation all-in-one workstation, the HP Z1 G2, has a 27-inch diagonal display and is now available with Windows 8 Touch and Intel Thunderbolt 2 capabilities. The HP Z1 G2 features Thunderbolt 2.0 ports located on the side; 10-point touch with edge-to-edge glass or non-touch with antiglare capability; tool-less chassis to change most parts or make upgrades without tools or a service technician; a wide range of 3D professional graphics options including NVIDIA Mobile Quadro GPUs; and dual-tone, front-facing speakers and DTS Studio Sound Audio.


Antenna mounting system

The Magnemount Antenna System can quickly and easily secure antennas to steel surfaces and is specifically designed to accommodate the curvature of water tanks. Because the system relies totally on magnets to attach the materials, no welding or epoxy coating is needed. Every 24-inch by 24-inch plate in the system is secured with 24 magnets. Each magnet provides 100 pounds of vertical pull and 33 pounds of shear strength. Antennas are attached to 12-foot masts made of anodized extruded aluminum using stainless steel U-bolts.

Metal & Cable Corp., Inc.

Tunneling instrumentation

DAT Instruments’ datalogger JET 4000 AME/J, installed on a small driller inside a tunnel boring machine (TBM), allows soil investigation before the tunnel excavation takes place. The construction team benefits from having accurate information of what type of soil will be faced and excavated. Thus, they will be able to select the appropriate tools for the job, preventing premature wear of disk cutters and increasing the daily excavation distance.

DAT instruments

Stormwater management products

Oldcastle Precast Inc. acquired the assets of KriStar Enterprises Inc. The purchase includes three manufacturing locations in California and all related intellectual property. KriStar developed stormwater management products to meet the evolving demands of federal, state, and local regulations. Oldcastle Precast will focus on marketing these solutions to regulators, owners, and civil and environmental engineers nationwide. Oldcastle Precast said it will offer the largest breadth of product in the industry, including the FloGard Dual Vortex, FloGard PerkFilter, and Bio-Mod brands. 

Oldcastle Precast Inc.  

Erosion control website

Tensar North American Green launched a new website ( that the company said provides an enhanced user experience and easy access to erosion control products and systems information, project case studies, installation videos, and literature. Website visitors can register at to gain full access to online tools and resources including installation guides, product specifications, design software, installation details, and more. The site includes ECMDS 5.0 software for project evaluation, design, and specification, as well as a distributor locator tool.

Tensar North American Green

Waterproofing system

W. R. MEADOWS’ MEL-ROL waterproofing system is composed of a nominally 56-mm-thick layer of polymeric waterproofing membrane and a durable 4 mil, cross-laminated polyethylene carrier film laminated together. MEL-ROL is effective for use on foundation walls and as between-the-slab waterproofing on plaza decks, parking decks, and structural slabs and can be used to isolate mechanical and electronic rooms, laboratories, kitchens, and bathrooms. MEL-ROL also offers positive protection when “wrapped around” major rapid transit, vehicular, utility, and pedestrian tunnel projects.

W. R. Meadows

Geospatial portfolio

Intergraph launched Intergraph Geospatial 2014, a portfolio of technologies across all Intergraph product lines including GeoMedia, ERDAS IMAGINE, ImageStation, ERDAS APOLLO, GeoMedia Smart Client, GeoMedia WebMap, Geospatial Portal, Geospatial SDI, Intergraph Mobile MapWorks, and Intergraph Mobile Alert. Key enhancements built within Intergraph Geospatial 2014 include customized analytics, real-time reporting in a mobile environment, and Big Data management in the cloud. The new spatial modeler allows users to work with point clouds and other specialized operators, as well as model and define real world objects


Composite trench covers

A large water treatment plant on the Atlantic coast of Florida recently replaced its aging, concrete trench panels with a series of Fibrelite’s lightweight, composite alternatives. The facility requires access to service pipe work on a regular basis for maintenance and repairs. The large concrete panels they had in place were difficult and dangerous to remove and also had degraded and crumbled over time. There are various resin systems available which provide long-term resistance to almost every chemical and temperature environment, Fibrelite said. 


Parking structure protection

Inpro’s JointMaster division provides parking structure protection, compression seals, and expansion joint systems. The seismic-capable 787P Series Joint reduces the impact and noise of vehicular traffic, according to Inpro. JointMaster’s new compression seal profile was designed for maximum flexibility and deck adhesion as well as ease of installation. New corner guards, dock bumpers, and wall guards can cushion spots where drivers are most likely to damage their cars and structures. Tire stops and speed guards help drivers navigate parking structures more safely.

Inpro Corporation

Mark-up and collaboration software

Bluebeam Software released Revu 12 for PDF-based mark-up, measurement, and collaboration. New or improved features include Capture, which allows users to add multiple photos from the field or an image library; AutoMark, which allows users to create bookmarks and page labels by combining multiple page regions, such as sheet labels and sheet numbers, and then adding prefixes, suffixes, and symbols; and Batch Link can link up entire document sets automatically by creating an unlimited number of hyperlinks by file name, page label, or page region. Revu 12 also can set separate X and Y scales on a PDF.

Bluebeam Software

BIM software

Tekla said its Tekla Structures 20 provide the means to better organize models, manage tasks, and avoid structural clashes. Tekla Structures 20 offers several improved tools, including Organizer, which delivers more efficient model information management and increased automation; Task Manager, which offers a systematic way to plan detailing, fabrication, and erection on site; and Clash Check Manager, which allows communicating, assigning, coordinating, and avoiding structural conflicts before they appear onsite to help save money and time.


Bar-wrapped pipe

Hanson Pressure Pipe developed a demonstration trailer to provide a closer look at C-303 bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe. Bar-wrapped pipe, produced to standard AWWA-C-303, is available in diameters ranging from 10 inches thru 64 inches and, according to the company, combines the physical strength of steel with the structural and protective properties of high-strength concrete. The trailer includes segments of bar-wrapped pipe, including cross-sections and joint configurations so visitors can better understand the pipe’s design and fabrication methods and component and joint options.

Hanson Pressure Pipe

Precast insulated wall panels

AltusGroup’s CarbonCast High Performance Insulated Wall Panels received an evaluation report (ESR#2953) from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), providing evidence that the CarbonCast wall panels meet code requirements. The panels use C-GRID shear truss connectors to connect the inner and outer wythes of concrete and rigid foam insulation. According to the company, the high strength of carbon fiber grid enables full composite action within the panel, while its relatively low thermal conductivity results in negligible thermal transfer throughout the panel.


Laser scanning software

3D Laser Mapping said its Arena 4D software provides a common reference frame for a wide variety of data sources including the billions of individual measurements captured by static laser scanners or mobile mapping systems such as 3D Laser Mapping’s StreetMapper. This single “arena” allows integration of multiple data types and formats, including all common LiDAR datasets, without the need for, or expense of, specialist hardware. Arena 4D’s point cloud rendering engine can visualize billions of laser-scanned points on standard office PC hardware.

3D Laser Mapping

Mapping drone

Maptek invested in DroneMetrex, an Adelaide, Australia-based start-up company that has developed technology for aerial photogrammetric mapping from small drone aircraft. The DroneMetrex system allows users to collect high-quality digital terrain data and imagery for rapid assessment and integration of data into daily processes in industries requiring highly accurate elevation data. The TopoDrone-100 is a small unmanned aerial vehicle able to be operated with minimal training that collects high-precision aerial photographs for generating highly accurate terrain models with elevation accuracy of 20 mm.


Infrastructure asset management software

Yotta is launching its visualized asset management software, Horizons, in the United States. Designed as a cloud-hosted, software-as-a-service solution, Horizons allows for multiple data types to be integrated, visualized, and utilized underpinning decision-making and informing development plans for highways management. The launch of Horizons will be supported with the opening of an office in Denver, a new online resource, and a dedicated development team.


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