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March 2014 » Exclusive
Public- and private-sector investment drives large-scale infrastructure projects.
Bob Drake


The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Indiana Department of Transportation recently announced that the price tag for the Ohio River Bridges Project has dropped by $300 million primarily because of efficiencies in design and construction. One half of the project — the Downtown Crossing — includes construction of a new bridge for northbound Interstate 65 (left), renovation and reconfiguration of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge (right) to carry southbound I-65, and rebuilding of downtown interchanges in Louisville, Ky., and Jeffersonville, Ind. Image: Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project

The fifth annual CE News Transportation Projects Roadmap lists 126 notable transportation infrastructure projects in the United States — ranked by estimated cost where available— that currently are in some stage of planning, design, or construction. The list includes:

• 68 road/highway/bridge projects worth more than $82 billion in total;

• 31 rail/transit projects estimated at a total of about $320 billion;

• 10 port/waterway projects totaling more than $11 billion; and

• 17 airport projects adding to more than $25 billion.

Because these large projects have long design and construction phases, many of the projects on this year’s list were on the 2013 (and earlier) Transportation Projects Roadmap. However, the 2014 list includes many new projects as well as updated information about some projects that previously were in early planning stages.

A number of large projects are absent from this year’s Transportation Projects Roadmap because they were completed in 2013 or are expected to be complete in 2014. Included in this category are the I-595 Express Corridor and Port of Miami Tunnel in Florida; I-95 Express Toll Lanes and Intercounty Connector in Maryland; Central Corridor Light Rail in Minneapolis-St. Paul; METRO Rail in Houston; and SkyTrain at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (Stage 1 is open; Stage 1a is scheduled to open in 2015; Stage 2 remains on the list).

The CE News Transportation Projects Roadmap is a dynamic resource based on Internet research, news stories, and announcements from project owners or participants. Please help us improve the accuracy, completeness, and value of this list by submitting information, photos, and website links of large projects — estimated costs of $100 million or more — to

The New NY Bridge is being designed and built by Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC, a consortium of design, engineering, and construction firms including Fluor, American Bridge, Granite, and Traylor Bros., along with key design firms HDR, Buckland & Taylor, URS, and GZA. Image: Tappan Zee Constructors LLC and HDR Engineering Inc.

The I-4 Ultimate project includes reconstruction of 21 miles of I-4 in Orange and Seminole Counties, Fla. The P3 project adds four tolled express lanes to I-4 while maintaining the existing free general use lanes. Image: Florida Department of Transportation

The ongoing West Vancouver Freight Access project includes a a rail loop track that adds approximately 2,450 feet of new track and the ability to handle 120 rail cars at the new facility. Image: Port of Vancouver

The Continental Rail Gateway project is a proposed $400 million Canadian effort to build a larger commercial train tunnel underneath the Detroit River. HDR Inc., MMM Group, and Hatch Mott Macdonald Group Inc. have provided design and engineering work for the project. Image: Continental Rail Gateway

Port Everglades in Broward County, Fla., is undertaking a $2 billion expansion to better accommodate cruise and container ships and oil tankers. Photo: Port Everglades

The Salt Lake City Airport’s $1.8 billion Terminal Redevelopment Program is expected to break ground in 2014. Photo: Salt Lake City Department of Airports, Michael Schoenfeld

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