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Mobile mapping
Leica Geosystems Inc. announced that Spicer Group Inc. is the first professional engineering, land surveying, and planning services firm in North America to purchase the Pegasus:One mobile mapping solution, allowing it to expand to serve a national client base with a focus on both engineering-grade surveys and municipal asset inventory and management. The compact, flexible system can be mounted on a boat to scan bridge substructures while performing hydrographic surveys, on an ATV to scan off-road utility infrastructure, or on a vehicle to map roadways.
Leica Geosystems Inc.

Green hard hat
MSA said it developed the world's first green protective hard hat manufactured from sugarcane. The V-Gard GREEN hard hat is manufactured using green high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sourced entirely from sugarcane ethanol. According to MSA, through the natural process of photosynthesis, sugarcane cultivation captures CO2 from the atmosphere, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The V-Gard GREEN protective hard hat meets ANSI Z89.1 and CSA Z94.1 standards. Green HDPE is also 100-percent recyclable in the same stream as conventional HDPE, making it suitable for reuse in non-safety products

High-performance fabrics
Seaman Corporation released a corporate video, The Spirit of American Ingenuity, outlining the company's growth during the last 64 years. The company uses proprietary processes to produce FiberTite roofing systems, XR Technology geomembranes, Shelter-Rite architectural fabrics and tarps, and other specialized fabrics and membranes. The video includes examples of how Seaman's products have been successfully used, along with comments from customers, consultants, architects, contractors, and others who have used them.
Seaman Corporation

Pile profiler
Pile Dynamics, Inc.'s Thermal Integrity Profiler (TIP) received the Deep Foundations Institute 2013 C. William Bermingham Award for Innovation, which encourages and recognizes innovative contributions to deep foundation technology. The TIP uses the heat generated by curing cement to evaluate the integrity of cast-in-place concrete foundations such as drilled shafts, bored piles, augered cast-in-place, continuous flight auger piles, and drilled displacement piles. The technology may also be used to evaluate the shape of jet grouting columns and diaphragm or slurry walls, or other concrete structures.
Pile Dynamics, Inc.

Moving Bed BioFilm Reactor
World Water Works, Inc. introduced IDEAL Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBRs) for BOD removal, nitrification, and denitrification at municipal treatment plants. The MBBR is a tank, or series of tanks as required for a plant's specific needs, with free-floating plastic media on which a thin specialized biofilm grows. This thin, 50-300 micron, highly active "biofilm" performs the treatment – consuming organic materials or converting ammonia to nitrate or nitrate to nitrogen gas. The large surface area of the biofilm makes the processes efficient, and the system design requires no complicated sludge recycling.
World Water Works, Inc.

Large-format printer/scanner
HP's new Designjet T2500 eMultifunction Printer (eMFP) features an integrated scanner, which makes it easy to scan and send sketches to team members and incorporate hand-annotated changes. The printer features an integrated output stacking tray that delivers flat, collated prints; two-roll front media loading with smart switching that can print projects that require different paper types and sizes without changing the roll; and a touch screen that allows monitoring media rolls and viewing status of printing jobs. The Designjet T2500 eMFP has a 30-percent smaller footprint than its predecessor.

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