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Mobile mapping platform
Leica Geosystem's Pegasus:One mobile mapping platform allows service providers to use their existing terrestrial scanner in profiler mode for mobile mapping. Pegasus:One is vehicle independent and comes self-contained in two Pelican cases – simply fly in, map, and fly out. The Leica Pegasus:One mobile mapping software platform, ArcGDS, draws on synergies resulting from Leica Geosystems' recent acquisition of Geosoft S.r.l. Users navigate visually through their images, simply clicking in their street views, and can add GIS metadata or calculate distances on the fly.
Leica Geosystems

Road and railway reinforcement
TenCate Geosynthetics Americas said its new TenCate Mirafi RS280i combines high modulus, high permittivity, high separation, and a high coefficient of interaction to maximize its benefit for road and railway reinforcement. It is the third in a series of highly engineered geosynthetics – including the Mirafi RS580i, a high-strength geosynthetic product for base reinforcement and subgrade stabilization, and RS380i, a second option for less severe applications. The TenCate Mirafi RS280i woven product completes the RSi series of geosynthetics for base reinforcement and subgrade stabilization. Photo: Copyright 2013 TenCate
TenCate Geosynthetics Americas

Road/rail alignment analysis
Trimble announced that the Russian High-Speed Rail Authority selected its Quantm system to investigate alternatives for two, 994-mile-long high-speed rail lines. Trimble's Quantm system integrates engineering, environmental, social, and economic factors into a simultaneous analysis of alternatives for rail and road planning. According to the company, projects of all types and sizes – ranging from regional, state, and national transportation infrastructure planning to small bypasses and road realignments – can take advantage of the benefits of the Trimble Quantm system.

PVC pipe with flush joint
North American Specialty Products, which recently acquired the CertainTeed Pipe & Foundations Group, said its StraightShot with Certa-Lok mechanical joining system is the industry's first restrained-joint PVC pipe with a flush joint. According to the company, StraightShot is an ideal solution for guided boring and gravity sewer projects where precise grading is critical. It is also excellent for slip lining and micro-tunneling applications and can be assembled easily in a launch pit as pullback continues. StraightShot is available in 1-, 2-, and 3-meter lengths and in outside diameters of 8 or 15 inches.
North American Specialty Products

Water system design and analysis
Bentley Systems, Incorporated's new WaterCAD and WaterGEMS V8i (SELECTseries 4) information modeling software releases for analysis and design of water distribution systems allow utilities to aggregate energy costs across pumping stations and factor in complex tariffs as well as non-model-related energy costs, such as energy used for HVAC and SCADA systems, to perform net present value analyses of their operating scenarios. The new releases also allow users to perform flushing studies with multiple flushing runs and areas. Reports showing the location of valves and hydrants that field staff need to operate when carrying out flushing programs can be generated automatically.
Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Web-connected, large-format printers
HP introduced two web-connected, large-format printers – Designjet T920 and T1500 ePrinter series. The HP Designjet T920 ePrinter has an integrated stacking tray that collates as many as 50 sheets of A4- to A0-size media. Features include front-roll loading, automatic paper roll alignment, and 32 GB of virtual memory space. The HP Designjet T1500 ePrinter has two rolls and features automatic alignment and smart switching capabilities to handle multiple jobs on different media types and sizes. It uses a parallel processor with a 320-GB hard drive to print multiple files simultaneously.

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