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Stand to work
A prolific writer recently commented in an interview that he works standing at his high desk. He said that he believed he was a more creative writer when he worked standing. I haven't thought of this in years, but most of us who worked in engineering offices ages ago stood most of the day when we worked or used a high stool at our drafting tables. Most engineering offices today look in many ways just like any other administrative office. Normal desk heights don't provide an opportunity to stand and work. When we meet with others now, we sit around a conference table rather than stand at a drafting board.

Would we as design professionals be more creative if we again worked while standing?

John D. Kuhn, Jr., P.E., R.L.S.
Littlejohn Engineering Associates

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Five lessons learned
I really appreciated [Mark Zweig's] lessons learned article in the December 2012 issue of CE News ("Five lessons learned," page 6). He is absolutely right on with the five points. In fact, coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally) they are all biblical truths, so he is definitely in the company of some great authors. These truths are certainly a great reminder to all of us about what's really important, not only in business, but life in general.

Rodd S. Weber
The PENTA Building Group

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