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Stormwater inlet filter
Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. (ADS) acquired Inlet & Pipe Protection Inc., manufacturer of FLEXSTORM stormwater inlet filters. The products will now be marketed under the ADS FLEXSTORM brand. ADS FLEXSTORM inlet filters are produced for either temporary or permanent inlet protection and are available for all frame and grate castings and precast structures. The FLEXSTORM inlet filter is made up of a rigid galvanized or stainless steel frame that supports a variety of filter bags designed to remove stormwater pollution from construction sites, parking lots, factory drains, gas stations, or any other inlet.
Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.

PVC pipe for trenchless installation
CertainTeed expanded its Certa-Lok restrained-joint PVC pipe offering to include an integral bell option on its 4-, 6-, and 8-inch C900 pipe. The company also added a 14-inch-diameter C905 option. All Certa-Lok pipe features a mechanical joining system, which uses a combination of precision-machined grooves and a nylon spline to provide exceptional tensile strength in pulling or pushing operations, the company said. A flexible elastomeric gasket provides a solid pressure-certified hydraulic seal. Certa-Lok-enabled pipe products can be assembled as pullback continues, eliminating the need to string out pipe within the work zone.

GPS data acquisition system
Altus Positioning Systems' ikeGPS multi-sensor data-acquisition system combines a GPS receiver, laser rangefinder, 3D compass, and digital camera in a single ruggedized handheld device for capturing geospatial data and 3D GIS imagery. The system permits users to geolocate objects from a single location with the laser rangefinder and compass, using the recorder's GPS coordinates as a reference. The digital camera provides a visual reference for each object captured into the database, and the system can calculate position coordinates for target items directly from the photographs. The ikeGPS device can be interfaced with Altus' APS-3 GNSS RTK survey-grade receivers for centimeter-level accuracies.
Altus Positioning Systems

Rod-less grade checking
Trimble said its Spectra Precision DR400 DigiRod eliminates the need for grade rods when checking grades with a rotating laser. The combination of a laser receiver with digital readout, laser distance meter, and built-in tilt sensor provides the information required to take rod-less, accurate grade readings, even at tilt angles up to 30 degrees. Various grade rods can be emulated including direct elevation rods, cut/fill rods, and indirect reading rods. Users can select measurement units in meters, decimal feet, or fractional inches. Elevation measurements can be taken up to 20 feet; the tilt sensor automatically corrects to actual vertical distance.

Green roof benefits calculator
American Rivers offers an online calculator that lets users discover the benefits of installing green roofs on homes and businesses. The "Get More Green" calculator allows users to enter an address via Google Maps and determine the square footage of a building's roof. The website then provides a customized look at the benefits of installing a green roof, including the annual estimated cost savings for heating, cooling, and roof repair, along with how much polluted runoff will be kept out of local streams. The calculator also offers a look at the potential benefits of greening some famous roofs such as the White House.
American Rivers

Standby lift station pump
Thompson Pump's Enviroprime permanently installed standby lift station systems continue pumping despite power loss or primary pump failures. The automatic self-priming pump set can meet system demands during wet weather, routine maintenance, new construction, or emergency repair. Operating as a complete backup pump station, Thompson said this system is more cost effective than traditional systems that provide only backup electrical power during power interruptions. The lift station backup system uses programmable electronic controls, which make use of sensors that monitor levels in the wet well and initiate backup pumping as programmed. The SCADA-capable controls send an alarm to alert operators.
Thompson Pump

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