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Surveying and staking software
MicroSurvey released MicroSurvey FieldGenius 2012, featuring new staking workflow and increased options for the international market. In addition, FieldGenius now supports more than 200 instruments, data collectors, and RTK GPS receivers, including the Leica Geosystems TS11 and TS15 (onboard), as well as the Viva controllers (CS10, CS15, and CS25). Also available is a new, free desktop product called MicroSurvey Data Exchange that helps FieldGenius users prepare projects for the field and process incoming field data.

BIM Cloud Services
Autodesk Inc. unveiled Autodesk BIM 360, which includes a set of cloud services that provide anytime, anywhere access to Building Information Modeling (BIM) project information throughout a project lifecycle. Autodesk BIM 360 will work with BIM solutions for design, construction, and operations including the Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite. The cloud-based services support model coordination and intelligent object data exchange. Autodesk also recently announced the acquisition of Vela Systems, a provider of cloud and mobile field management software.
Autodesk Inc.

Vertically set, monolithic box culvert
Jensen Precast's Verti-Set Box Culvert is a four-sided, vertically set monolithic box culvert designed to eliminate the need for tugging the joints together with a pulley system, which, according to the company, frequently drags subgrade materials into the joint. These materials can compromise the sealant and leave large joint gaps that allow infiltration of water as well as bedding materials. Verti-Set Box Culvert is available in spans from 4 to 12 feet and heights from 4 to 12 feet.
Jensen Precast

Large-diameter pipe
Hobas Pipe USA is now manufacturing centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe in diameters from 18 inches to 126 inches with capabilities to produce even larger diameters. CCFRPM pipe applications include storm and sanitary sewers, potable water, force mains, outfalls, industrial effluents, and other corrosive environments. According to Hobas, possible installation methods include open cut, sliplining, jacking, microtunneling, two-pass tunnel, casing carrier, and above ground.
Hobas Pipe USA

LED roadway lights
GE said its Evolve LED Roadway fixtures yield up to a 50-percent reduction in system energy compared with standard high-intensity discharge (HID) systems. With the installation of more than 41,000 GE Evolve LED streetlights, Las Vegas expects to reduce combined electricity and maintenance expenses by nearly $2.7 million a year. According to GE, a 50,000-hour rated life offers more than 11 years of service life based on 12 hours of use per day.

Concrete waterproofing membrane
W.R. Meadows introduced HRM 714, a hot-applied rubberized asphalt membrane used to waterproof concrete. HRM 714 is a 100-percent solids blend of asphalts, synthetic rubber polymers, and filler formulated to provide toughness with flexibility and low moisture vapor permeance. According to the company, it is ideal for horizontal and vertical applications for waterproofing bridges, parking lots, plazas, or promenade decks; tunnels; pedestrian concourses; and other similar types of construction where a monolithic waterproofing membrane is desirable.
W.R. Meadows

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