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Threading a needle – underground
At the corner of Bowery and East Houston Street in Manhattan, subway trains run just 8 feet below grade and several major duct banks housing voice, data, and video cables, cross the area, some containing more than 120 conduits. Add sewer, water, gas, and electric utilities and you have one of the highest densities of underground utilities in the world. This is where the city of New York hired Stantec to undertake a utility routing study for a new water main.

Stantec developed complex 3D models of subsurface utilities to conduct a routing study for a new water main in Manhattan, N.Y.
Image: Stantec

The Stantec team acquired asset maps from all of the organizations with infrastructure in the area. Often existing only as paper drawings in old map books, the plans required substantial cross-referencing. Undertaking the painstaking process of interpreting the plans, the team began drawing master 2D sections that combined all available information in traditional 2D software. They then brought the 2D information into Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D software to use as an overlay to guide the creation of a 3D model.

Basics of LED streetlight design
Facing a lack of established specifications for use of newer light emitting diode (LED) streetlights, engineers need to do their homework to meet clients' needs and expectations. In this article, an engineer reviews what he learned for a project about LED fixture considerations, including style, color, surge protection, dual drivers, bracket mounts, distribution, light color, driver life, optics material, L70 useful life, limited warranty, dimmable, IP66 rating, and cost.
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