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Wastewater reuse
I just finished reading your article in CE News ("The case for wastewater reuse," March 2012, page 8). Thank you.

I have been in the midst of introducing closed-loop water recycling via the use of subsurface constructed wetlands and native plantings to the Midwest. Sitting on the center of the freshwater universe, Midwesterners see no immediate need. I hear a lot of "EW!" As we expand our wings, we will be going to the coasts, where they are more comfortable with its use, but for now we focus our initial efforts in the Midwest. Your article was a breath of fresh air. I have cut it out, scanned it, and it's in my arsenal.
Corinne Bodeman, LEED AP
Applied Ecological Services, Inc.

Shale gas
I like CE News, but was disappointed in your Comment ("Shale gas: Boom or bust?" April 2012, page 8). The environmental issues associated with shale gas plays are indeed present and (I feel) are known or being investigated. Like all other civil engineering projects, it is what we do for a living, i.e., eliminate and/or mitigate the risks involved. For perspective, are not there risks associated with oil, coal, nuclear, sustainables, etc? Your comments come across to me as, "No, no. no, stay away from this area of activity."
Robert Koerner, Ph.D., P.E.

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