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Sewer assessment
Midland GIS Solutions developed the Sewer Analyst extension for Integrity, an ArcGIS Server and Silverlight Web solution to manage, analyze, and maintain utility and municipal infrastructure. Sewer Analyst gives users the ability to create detailed gravity main profiles and pipe assessment reports of a sanitary sewer system. Sewer video, pictures, and incident reports can be integrated into the GIS program.
Midland GIS Solutions

Stormwater design calculator
CULTEC Inc.'s Stormwater Design Calculator is an MS Excel-based spreadsheet for designing stormwater systems using the company's chambers. It can be used as a standalone tool to generate report outputs based on a project's parameters. The calculator provides chamber specifications, a material list, and bed detail, as well as calculates a cross section detail together with the breakdown of storage provided by the system. Additionally, it includes full data sheets with metric and English units to qualify project calculations.

Corrugated pipe from recycled polyethylene
JM Eagle's new corrugated Eagle Green PE pipe, made from recycled polyethylene, is available with a dual or single wall, with 12- to 24-inch diameters set for early-February production and larger diameters soon to follow. Eagle Green PE Dual Wall features a dual-crown corrugated exterior for greater pipe stiffness values and a hydraulically smooth interior. It supports H-25 live loads with a minimum cover of 1 foot, while allowing for cover heights of 100 feet, the company said.
JM Eagle

Online pipe flow calculator
CertainTeed's online pipe flow calculator helps engineers select the most economical and energy-efficient pipe material for water distribution systems. It compares PVC and HDPE pipe across several factors, including pipeline material cost, installation cost, pipe flow, pressure, pumping energy requirements, and pumping energy costs. Pumping energy costs are calculated by state based on electrical rates provided by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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