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Water management
Firestone Specialty Products' Water Management Solutions include Firestone EPIC Chamber drainage and irrigation system; EPDM Geomembrane; Netlon Advanced Turf System to increase soil bearing capacity; NetPave 50, a structural, permeable, recycled thermoplastic paver used for grass or gravel parking surfaces for heavier vehicular traffic; NetPave 25, a lightweight permeable paving system installed on top of existing grass surfaces to improve bearing capacity; and TurfGuard Paver, an extruded polyethylene mesh roll for occasional vehicular access on soft subgrades.
Firestone Specialty Products

Corrugated pipe
Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. (ADS) announced that its N-12 HP Corrugated Storm Pipe complies with the AASHTO MP21-11 standard for polypropylene pipe in surface and subsurface drainage applications. According to ADS, N-12 HP 12-inch through 60-inch dual- and triple-wall corrugated pipe, manufactured from impact modified co-polymer polypropylene resin, meets or exceeds this new national specification. All N-12 HP pipe diameters feature a polymer reinforcement extended bell and spigot with dual gaskets. The pipe is available in 20-foot and 13-foot lengths.
Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.

Onboard surveying software
Leica Geosystems released Leica SmartWorx Viva v4.0 onboard surveying software. New features include Leica Exchange, which allows data to be transferred between field users and office users; panoramic image capture; improved lock at short distances; and extensions to pop-up menus and a drawing toolbar. With 3D data overlay, points, lines, and areas that have been surveyed are now overlaid onto the live video produced by the wide-angle camera of the TS11 and TS15 imaging total stations.
Leica Geosystems

Fabric buildings
Legacy Building Solutions said its Legendary Building Series is the industry's first line of fabric buildings to incorporate structural steel beams instead of open web trusses. This provides flexibility for a variety buildings including salt and sand storage, wastewater treatment plants, public works, military facilities, aircraft hangars, and general storage. Legacy's solid structural steel beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion originating inside a tube. Additionally, the structural steel has multiple coating options, including hot dip galvanizing, red oxide primer, and powder coat paint. Polyethylene fabric roofs eliminate corrosion concerns.
Legacy Building Solutions

Erosion control design software
Tensar International, the manufacturer of North American Green erosion and sediment control products, released ECMDS 5.0, a Web-based version of its Erosion Control Materials Design Software for soil-loss prediction, product specification, and project planning. Users can design projects using smart phones, notebooks, or anything with an Internet connection. According to the company, ECMDS 5.0 provides comprehensive analysis for site-specific conditions, ranging from channel and slope protection to new features including transition mats and drop structure designs. The application offers calculations to develop cost-effective sustainable erosion control.
Tensar International

Virtual land planning
Neighborhood Innovations LLC said its Performance Planning System is now enhanced with the first effortless Virtual Reality technology specific to creating more economical and environmentally responsible land development. Users require no additional training, education, or skills to produce animated, 3D models of designs, which are draped (matched) automatically to the existing or proposed terrain. Features include seamless support for TDS raw field data format with automatic line generation codes (also in coordinate file); point number protection ability for survey field data; and translation from Esri Shapefiles.
Neighborhood Innovations LLC

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