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Forming products
Building-material dealers and residential and commercial builders now have easy access to a range of construction materials with iLevel by Weyerhaeuser’s expanded distribution of steel and concrete forming products. Through its nationwide network of distribution centers, iLevel has begun offering TimberStrand LSL foam board, along with rebar, remesh, wire, and steel construction stakes. The items complement iLevel’s distribution of several other structural and finishing materials.
iLevel by Weyerhaeuser,

Foundations for wind turbines
The Cell Block modular foundation system is a precast post-tensioned block system developed by Oldcastle Precast, Inc., and Cell Blocks, Inc., for small and community wind turbines. The system can be assembled in a variety of configurations onsite with minimal site preparation. The product is non-ground-penetrating, making it suitable for use in locations where ground penetration is either not allowed — such as landfill or environmentally sensitive applications — or impractical because of hard-to-penetrate ground conditions.
Oldcastle Precast, Inc.,

Fire-resistance design guide
The Metal Building Manufacturers Association released the 2010 Fire Resistance Design Guide for Metal Building Systems. The guide provides building owners, architects, engineers, specifiers, fire marshals, building-code officials, contractors, product vendors, builders, and metal-building manufacturers information about how to effectively meet fire-resistance requirements of a project with metal building systems. Contents also include up-to-date information on passive forms of fire-resistant systems, codes, detailed explanations of specific fire-protection materials, and ways to provide one- and two-hour fire-rated assemblies for walls, columns, roofs, floors, and ceilings.
Metal Building Manufacturers Association,

Pile-monitoring equipment
Pile Dynamics, Inc.’s (PDI) new model of the Pile Installation Recorder (PIR) monitors installation of augered cast-in-place, continuous flight auger, and drilled displacement piles. PDI has kept all of the features that make the PIR compliant with the Geotechnical Circular No. 8 from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, while introducing several new improvements. The product displays the incremental grout volume and other variables that are essential for quality assurance and quality control on a screen that is more visible than that of the previous PDI model. A red-green indicator makes it easier for the drilling-rig operator to maintain the target auger-withdrawal rate. The grout volume data comes from a magnetic flow meter and depth readings from a depth measurement unit that is now wireless and both smaller and lighter.
Pile Dynamics, Inc.,

Lateral-load-resisting panels
Smart Components’ lateral-load-resisting panels and portals are prefabricated metal-plate-connected wood trusses that are used to resist vertical (gravity) loads and horizontal in-plane or out-of-plane wind or earthquake loads in wood-framed buildings as alternatives to wood shear walls complying with IBC Section 2305 or braced wall panels complying with IBC Section 2308.9.3. The panels and portals are designed and manufactured under a quality-control program in accordance with ANSI/TPI 1, which is referenced in IBC Section 2303.4 and IRC Sections R502.11 and R802.10. Smart Component elements may be used as lateral-load-resisting elements with: Response modification coefficient, R=6.5; System overstrength factor, Ωo=3; Deflection amplification factor, Cd=4. The height limit is a maximum of 65 feet (19.8m) for structures located in Seismic Design Category C, D, E, or F.

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