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Compact odor control system
BioAir Solutions has developed a compact dual-technology odor control system utilizing the company’s EcoBase structured, synthetic biotricking filter media. EcoPure Mini eliminates more than 99.9 percent of hydrogen sulfide and volatile organic compounds without using hazardous chemicals, BioAir says. The patented synthetic media provides uniform air flow distribution, optimized mass transfer, and a controlled microenvironment enabling the growth and proliferation of specific odor-removing bacterial species. As a result, the EcoPure Mini has a very low operating cost, and is designed to take care of any collection system odor from day one, BioAir asserts. BioAir can provide EcoPure Mini units that handle airstreams from 50 to 1,000 cfm. The units come pre-installed on a stainless steel skid, making installation possible in less than a day.
BioAir Solutions, LLC

Compact Focus3D laser scanner
The new FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D is a high-performance 3D laser scanner for detailed measurement and documentation with intuitive touch screen control. It is four times lighter and five times smaller than its predecessor, says FARO Technologies Inc. Focus3D uses laser technology to produce detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries in only a few minutes. The resulting image is an assembly of millions of 3D measurement points in color which provides a digital reproduction of existing conditions. The new FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D is suitable for documentation of large environments, quality control of components, and reverse engineering. Thanks to its millimeter-accuracy and its 976,000 measurement points/second, Focus3D offers an efficient and precise method for measurement and three-dimensional documentation of building construction, excavation volumes, façade and structural deformations, crime scenes, accident sites, product geometry, factories, process plants, and more, according to FARO Technologies. Focus3D is entirely self-contained, meaning no additional devices, cables, or laptop is needed. Its integrated lithium-ion high-performance battery provides up to five hours of battery life and can be charged during operation. Furthermore, all scans are stored on an SD card enabling easy and secure data transfer to a computer. The FARO Focus3D is compatible with many common software applications.
FARO Technologies Inc.

Railroad crossing product comes to Texas
After a live product demonstration in October, Hanson Pipe & Precast now offers its Premier Modular Railroad Crossing in Texas.

Installed in one day — half the amount of time of conventional crossings — the Premier Modular Railroad Crossing, made of precast concrete, is a low-cost, low-maintenance product used for light rail, short lines, industrial port, and heavy traffic crossings. Applicable for any rail size, Premier eliminates the need for ballasts, ties, and rail fasteners, cutting installation time and maintenance cost so that less traffic down-time is experienced, the company says.

Although this is the introduction of this product to the Texas market, Hanson Pipe & Precast has manufactured Premier in other areas outside the state for more than 40 years, and is now focused on providing Texas with a local, economical, and smart solution to rail transportation and freight needs.
Hanson Pipe &

Americast and KriStar Enterprises form strategic alliance
Americast Inc. and KriStar Enterprises Inc. have formed a strategic alliance to manufacture, sell, and service stormwater management products on both East and West coasts. The collaboration will allow the companies to provide greater flexibility and design options, yield production efficiency, and enhance customer service. Americast, based in the mid-Atlantic region, will manufacture, market, sell, and service KriStar’s filter product line from its locations, including the FloGard Perk Filter Media Filtration Device, the FloGard Dual-Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator (DVS), and the FloGard+ Plus Catch Basin Insert Filter. Americast will also provide precasting services to KriStar for other markets in the eastern part of the United States. KriStar Enterprises, based in Santa Rosa, Calif., will be the exclusive distributor in California of Americast’s Filterra Bioretention Systems products (Filterra, Filterra Roof Drain, Filterra Street Tree, and Bacterra). KriStar will manufacture, market, sell, and service the products, integrating KriStar’s unique pre-filter chamber and by-pass features when requested. The two companies will provide additional regional manufacturing services for each other as well. Production on both coasts means that many major markets will now fall within the 500-mile radius designated for LEED credit MRc5 Regional Materials, defined as materials that are extracted, harvested, and manufactured within 500 miles of the project site.
Americast Inc.
KriStar Enterprises Inc.

Firmware enhances 3D laser scanner capabilities
Leica Geosystems firmware 2.0 adds powerful new capabilities to the Leica ScanStation C10, a 3D laser scanner for as-built and topographic surveys. New firmware V2.0 adds key features that make it even more productive and versatile, according to the company. For example, the new “Setup” functionality lets users take advantage of known survey points and backsighting to reduce the number of target placements and scans needed and eliminate registration steps back in the office. Registration of multiple scans to each other is automatic in the field. The new firmware also allows users to check images taken by the C10’s embedded camera in the field.
Leica Geosystems

Laser scanner software
Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has released ScanMaster 2.0 software, which is “faster and more powerful than previous versions,” according to Fred Moser, TPS laser scanner sales manager. “ScanMaster 2.0, the latest version of Topcon’s scanning software streamlines the data processing workflow and saves time, which is the bottom line for any business,” Moser said.

ScanMaster 2.0 introduces many new and improved features, including automatic edge extraction, automatic region extraction, volume computation, automatic noise filtering, automatic scan registration, and automatic CAD extraction for cross sections, contours, and profiles directly from the cloud.

ScanMaster 2.0 comes as a free viewer module that enables instrument control, visualization, and data mark-up. The core functionality of the software package has been enhanced and features a high-performance point cloud engine offering faster indexing, reduced file size, and improved visual quality, clarity, and rendering performance, TPS says.
Topcon Positioning Systems Inc.

Software for airport planners and engineers
Transoft Solutions has released a new helicopter addition to the aircraft library for its airside design software family: AeroTURN and AeroTURN Pro. The productivity-enhancing software is used by airport planners and engineers around the world to simulate aircraft movement at runways, aprons, and gates in airside development and expansion projects, according to Transoft Solutions. The helicopter update will supplement the existing aircraft specifications library and the aircraft expansion update.

The new update (free to all current AeroTURN and AeroTURN Pro clients on version 3.0) features new-to-the-software helicopters and their manufacturers. All the helicopters in the update meet manufacturers’ dimensional specifications and include a skid kit, place only types, as well as wheeled gear models that can be used to simulate the movement of helicopters by ground crews.
Transoft Solutions Inc.

VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems
Building outdoor bleachers out of VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems can save thousands of dollars compared with traditional bleachers, says VERSA-LOK. VERSA-LOK bleachers are affordable, durable, quiet, and warm, the company adds.

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