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Using PIM for international project management
BergerABAM, a consulting firm offering services in the areas of project management, civil engineering, and structural engineering, currently is working on two marine container terminal projects in Vietnam. Only one quarter of the way through the projects, they already encompass a complex international team including Chinese contractors, a Vietnamese crew, a Panamanian electrical partner, and Washington state-based BergerABAM, plus more than 10,000 e-mails and 600 submittals. Learn how the firm uses project information management (PIM) to handle these projects by reading the full article online.

Survey finds Americans ready and willing to fix our nation’s crumbling water infrastructure
ITT Corp. announced the results of its Value of Water Survey, a nationwide poll that included registered voters and industrial and agricultural businesses, and measures how the public values water and their level of awareness of the nation’s aging water infrastructure. The results show that a majority of the American public desires reform and is willing to pay more now to ensure that they have access to clean water in the generations to come.

The survey found that nearly one in four American voters is “very concerned” about the state of the United States’ water infrastructure. In fact, the nation’s pipe, treatment, and delivery systems — everything that gets clean water to homes and takes dirty water away — are crumbling under the combined pressures of population growth, urbanization, and chronic underinvestment. Every day in America, 650 water mains break, or one every two minutes. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, these breaks and other leaks result in the loss of roughly 1.7 trillion gallons of water every year — enough to supply water to 68 million Americans.

ITT’s survey revealed that 63 percent of all American voters are willing to pay an average of 11 percent more on their water bills each month to help ensure continued access to a reliable and consistent supply of clean water. When applied across all American households, this increase is equal to $5.4 billion, or four times the FY 2009 federal investment in our nation’s drinking water systems. In addition, a majority of industrial and agricultural businesses surveyed are willing to pay an average of 7 percent more per month for the water they consume.

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