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GPS receiver integrates GIS software
Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) added a new extension, Field Tools for ArcPad, that allows users with ESRI’s ArcPad software to take full advantage of Topcon GMS-2 hand-held receivers. With this new extension, operators can use the GMS-2 internal camera and compass and have all the GPS configurations in addition to existing ArcPad functions. Any customization that a user created in an existing copy of ArcPad can now be used on the Topcon GMS-2. Field Tools has GMS-2 camera support, providing for JPG and BMP format images; adjustment of various camera parameters (brightness, size, sharpness); and provides for multiple images for Shapefile formats. Compass support includes data storage (azimuth and tilts) with the camera images as attributes to features, as well as compass calibration and automatic map rotation based on compass azimuth values.
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Search online for CAD files
Autodesk, Inc., recently announced that leading search engines such as Microsoft Live Search and Google now offer the ability to search, index, and retrieve drawings, maps, 3-D models, and CAD documents and information. Users can search by file type and find pages that are CAD documents posted online. To locate a drawing, map, or model, users construct a search including the phrase "Filetype:dwf" and terms regarding the type of file sought, such as "map" for maps, or "object node" for 3-D models. Autodesk Design Review software allows users to view the retrieved files, print, measure, and mark them up as part of the review process. Autodesk Freewheel software web service enables CAD teams to view and print designs within a web browser, without installing any software.
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Add-on software helps implement 3-D modeling
Eagle Point Corporation released Task Navigator for Civil 3D, part of its Pinnacle Series software and services, as the initial product offering under its new Independent Software Vendor partnership with Autodesk. Task Navigator for Civil 3D is an add-on technology, directly integrated into AutoCAD Civil 3D, providing users with on-screen instructions and shortcuts to commands. It includes defined workflows for common surveying, engineering, and design tasks that team members can use immediately to improve implementation of 3-D modeling capabilities. When combined with the remaining Pinnacle Series solutions—Process Mapper and Workflow Monitor—Task Navigator provides a complete set of tools that Eagle Point says can align teams to an organization’s standards and best practices. In addition, it replaces conventional training methods and materials with re-usable, searchable instructions on screen.
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Storm sewer network design and modeling
Bentley Systems, Inc., began shipping StormCAD V8 XM Edition, a storm sewer network design and modeling solution that the company says is the first to offer multiplatform interoperability across MicroStation, AutoCAD, and stand-alone environments. New features of StormCAD V8 XM include active topology alternatives that allow users to set up different scenarios to examine multiple, proposed system expansion strategies; LandXML import/export; support for prismatic open channels; terrain elevation extraction; time of concentration calculator that supports several methods, including SCS Lag, TR-55, Kirpich, and Eagleson; scaled catchments, gutters, and diversions; inlet capacity curves; user-defined flow-headloss curves; contour plots of model input or results; and customization using the WaterObjects.NET application programming interface.
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View and query GIS data from AutoCAD
ESRI’s ArcGIS for AutoCAD is a free, downloadable tool that provides access to ArcGIS Server map services and allows AutoCAD users to view and query GIS data from the AutoCAD environment. With ArcGIS for AutoCAD, users can define the coordinate system they are using within AutoCAD. When they connect to an ArcGIS Server map service in a different coordinate system, the map is automatically projected on the fly to display in the proper AutoCAD location. Consequently, users can work in their chosen coordinate system without transforming CAD drawings or converting the GIS data. The new version of ArcGIS for AutoCAD includes tools to list, assign, export, and remove coordinate system definitions from the AutoCAD drawing. Beginning with ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 3, ArcGIS will continue to recognize the companion file to define the coordinate system of AutoCAD drawings, but it will also recognize AutoCAD drawings that have implemented the new coordinate system definition with ArcGIS for AutoCAD.
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Total station range and accuracy improved
Leica Geosystems, Inc., says its new Leica TPS1200+ Total Station combines a new positioning camera with PinPoint reflectorless EDM range and accuracy that has increased two fold, as well as a new high-contrast color display. According to Leica, PinPoint reflectorless EDM’s can measure to distances greater than 3,000 feet, a new CMOS camera system provides pointing accuracies of 1 second, and a new red-diode EDM brings the base EDM accuracy to 1 mm. The color display allows users to import drawing colors directly into the instrument with data. Improved Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) sensors in the TPS 1200+ follow the prism. If lock is interrupted, the PowerSearch sensor quickly relocks onto the prism either automatically or with the push of a single button. The Leica TPS1200+ is fully GNSS compatible.
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Survey software updated
Carlson Software, Inc.’s newest version of Carlson Survey Desktop, CSD 4.0, is updated to support Autodesk Land Desktop (LDT) 2008 and to use some of the newest features from Carlson Survey 2008. CSD 4.0 runs inside LDT 2008 and LDT 2007 and is fully integrated with the LDT project environment. According to Carlson, the new release includes many user-requested improvements to the core survey routines of Field-to-Finish, Edit-Process Raw File, and SurvNet. Ease-of-use is also increased in CSD 4.0, Carlson says, with additional controls in utilities such as "Join Nearest" and with a new "Perpendicular From" object snap. CSD 4.0 interfaces with all popular data collectors for download/upload. It edits and adjusts field data, including SurvNet, Carlson’s Network Least Squares program, and it supports advanced Field-to-Finish. CSD 4.0 also works seamlessly with Carlson SurvCE 2.0, Carlson Software’s data collection package.
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