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Aggregate piers for light to heavy loads
Hayward Baker, Inc., offers Vibro Piers—vibrator-installed aggregate piers, typically constructed to intermediate depths of 5 feet to 30 feet for the support of new loads. The aggregate piers reinforce the ground to increase bearing capacity, reduce settlement, increase global stability, and decrease seismic deformations. Aggregate is introduced into a pre-drilled hole and then compacted in lifts via repetitive ramming action of a specially designed down-hole vibrator. The dense aggregate interlocks to form a stiff pier that "engages" the surrounding soil to provide reinforcement and increased shear resistance. Hayward Baker designs and manufactures its own vibrators.
Hayward Baker, Inc.
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Retaining wall design data and software

A new 2007 Technical CD by Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, Inc., features KeyWall 2007 design software with Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) methodology. According to the company, the LRFD design methodology’s addition to the KeyWall design software will help designers working for highway departments under the 2007 federally mandated design methodology change. In addition, the 2007 Keystone Technical CD includes typical CAD details (DWG and PDF format); technical documents, including ICC ESR-2113 Product Evaluation per IBC; product literature; Keystone Design Manual and KeyWall Operating Guide; technical information sheets; specialty details; connection and shear data; Manta Ray details; sample specifications (RTF, DOC, and PDF formats); NCMA SRWall software data; and KeySystem information.
Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, Inc.
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GPS receiver for structural monitoring

According to Leica Geosystems, Inc., its new Leica GMX901 GPS receiver with integrated antenna is ideally suited for precision geodetic monitoring of sensitive structures. The GMX901 streams precise, single-frequency code and phase data up to 1 Hz, providing the basis for highly accurate position determination and deformation analysis. The receiver is housed in a water-, heat-, cold-, and vibration-resistant unit that can be mounted on a range of structures, including mines, slopes, bridges, dams, and buildings. The system connects to Leica Geosystems’ Spider Network, a GPS processing software for coordinate calculation and raw data storage. In addition, the GMX901 integrates with Leica GeoMoS monitoring software to provide integration with other sensors or to analyze structural movements and calculate limit checks. Surveyors can also integrate third-party analysis software via the standard National Marine Electronics Association protocol.
Leica Geosystems, Inc.
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Engineered tires approved for structural elements

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection granted Engineered Tire Structures, Inc. (ETS) a Beneficial Use Determination for the use of Ecoflex technology in civil engineering applications throughout the state. Ecoflex is a patented Australian technology using prepared whole tires as structural elements in gravity and reinforced retaining walls, erosion protection measures such as drop structures and scour mats, and roadways over extremely poor soils. ETS is the sole licensee for Ecoflex in North America. In the permitted technology, prepared whole waste tires are used as structural containers holding selected aggregate such as recycled concrete cobble, which the company says together act as single engineered units to provide the necessary structural elements. The Massachusetts permit requires the use of a professional engineer registered in Massachusetts for design and oversight of construction when any of the Ecoflex systems are used.
Engineered Tire Structures, Inc.
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Remote pile driving monitoring

Pile Dynamics, Inc., introduced PAX, a new model of its Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA). The PAX is portable, battery operated, and weighs 10 pounds. Its display doubles as its control panel and keyboard, and has high visibility in all lighting conditions. Remote data transmission capability via broadband Internet allows firms to keep engineers in the office, send only the instrument to the job site, and use the PDA software (PDA-W) to monitor the load test. An office computer running PDA-W and receiving data gives the engineer the ability to perform comprehensive monitoring and analysis in real time. In local mode, the PAX performs as a full-capability PDA coupled with a full-capabilities personal computer. The PAX gives the field engineer access to all variables of interest in real time and links directly to the latest version of the dynamic test data interpretation software, CAPWAP.
Pile Dynamics, Inc.
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Alkali-free shotcrete accelerator

Sika Corporation introduced an alkali-free shotcrete accelerator, Sigunit L53 AF S, which the company says reduces overall shotcrete-generated dust and rebound, as well as improves bonding of the shotcrete to surfaces, especially while spaying overhead. Sigunit L53 AF S is chloride and alkali free, therefore it does not attack steel or iron and is not a threat to groundwater, making it an environmentally friendly product.
Sika Corporation
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