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Retaining wall products
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Random-pattern tall walls
According to Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems, its Mosaic is the only solid segmental retaining wall system capable of building random-pattern, tall walls of unlimited height. Mosaic walls feature panels comprising three Versa-Lok units in a random, four-unit pattern. Each panel is 10 inches in height and readily accommodates soil reinforcement. Curves and multi-angle corners are possible as well. The system is available in two textures: split-face and Weathered Mosaic, which has a hand-hewn appearance suitable for historic renovations.
Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems
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Wall stabilization system
CINTEC Americas earth retaining stabilization system can be used to tie back, stabilize, and restore various structures, including historically sensitive walls and harbor and sea walls. According to the company, its earth retaining wall and ground anchoring system works in many difficult ground conditions, including sand, gravel, clay, limestone, broken brick, and stone. Ground anchors provide stability, while voids and gaps within the structure are bridged using a cement-like grout.
CINTEC America
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Big-block walls
According to Redi-Rock International, its big-block wall products capture the "essence of natural rock," and many people mistake it for quarried stone. Redi-Rocks wall systems use blocks weighing as much as 2,400 pounds. The massive scale allows walls to be built much higher than other wall systems without using geogrids or tie-backs. Also, tall, reinforced walls can be designed with the companys geo-connector.
Redi-Rock International
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Steel bin walls
CONTECH Construction Products Bin-Walls are gravity-type retaining walls that solve a number of erosion control challenges. Composed of sturdy, lightweight steel members, they are easily bolted together for preassembly or installation at the jobsite. Designed in a system of adjoining, closed-faced bins that are each 10-feet wide, Bin-Walls can transform a soil mass into an economical gravity-type retaining wall when backfilled with reasonable care. This design allows the Bin-Walls to flex against minor, unforeseen ground movements that might damage or destroy rigid-type walls.
CONTECH Construction Products, Inc.
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Large unit faces for large walls
Keystone Retaining Wall Systems Keystone 133Elite segmental retaining wall uses units with 8-inch by 24-inch face dimensions that, according to the company, provide a more appropriate visual scale for large walls. However, each segments mid-range weight of 95 pounds allows it to be installed by one person. The 133Elite design also allows for a 33-percent reduction in the number of pins required.
Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, Inc.
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High gravity walls
Stone Strong Systems says that it makes the biggest retaining wall block available on the market today, measuring 8 feet by 3 feet. Maximizing the use of valuable land, these blocks stack almost vertically, creating gravity walls 12 to 15 feet high without geogrid reinforcement, which saves project costs from over-excavation and utility relocation. With proper engineering, walls can reach heights of 40 feet—depending upon site and soil conditions.
Stone Strong Systems
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