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New & Noteworthy Geomatics products
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Robotic total station

Topcon's new total station series, the GTS-900A and GPT-9000A, include the company's new FC-200 field controller and RC-3 tracking system. According to Topcon, the GPT-9000A robotic total station provides precise reflectorless measurement at more than 6,500 feet, and can easily focus on small objects such as power lines. The RC-3 tracking system sends a signal from the rover pole to the instrument, which detects the signal and automatically turns direct to the prism pole. Additional features include X-TRAC technology with instantaneous re-acquisition of target lock; completely cable-free design of all components; a color, touch-screen interface running off Windows Mobile OS; an integrated, 2.4-GHz, interference-free, spread-spectrum radio; TopSURV field controller software; and a lightweight, 360-degree prism. The GTS-900A series reflector-only instruments are available with the same system components.

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.
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GIS field data collection

ESRI offers exclusively the GeoCollector series, a field data collection solution that merges ESRI's mobile GIS software with professional-grade GPS technology from Trimble. The GeoCollector solution includes an ultra-rugged, handheld computer with integrated GPS receiver from the current Trimble GeoExplorer series and ESRI's ArcPad, which, according to the company, provides hassle-free field collection and seamless data integration with ArcGIS. GeoCollector is available in three accuracy options—sub-foot, sub-meter, and 1- to 3-meter. The GeoCollector series also includes Trimble's GPScorrect for ArcPad, which collects and manages the GPS data necessary for differential correction during data collection. In addition, Trimble's GPS Analyst for ArcGIS Desktop is available as an add-on to enable the direct transfer of data from GeoCollector and to perform differential correction inside ArcGIS Desktop.

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Total station laser scanner

According to Leica Geosystems, its ScanStation is the first 3-D laser scanner with four "core" total station features—full field of view (FOV); survey-grade, dual-axis tilt compensation for traversing and re-sectioning; survey-grade accuracy for each measurement; and excellent useful measuring range. ScanStation offers a maximum 360 degrees horizontal FOV and 270 degrees vertical FOV. The instrument incorporates the same 1-second resolution, dual-axis (tilt) compensator as in Leica total stations. Survey-grade accuracy for each scan point, without averaging, allows users to "click on" individual scan points and use them directly for survey-grade coordinate and distance measurements. Additionally, ScanStation features a maximum range of more than 980 feet (90-percent reflectivity), a narrow beam, and ultra-fine scanning capability. Leica also announced release of Cyclone v5.5 software that enables users to register, geo-reference, and process point cloud data into project deliverables.

Leica Geosystems
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Geo-reference data online

MetaCarta signed an agreement to provide MetaCarta GeoTagger as a component of ESRI's ArcWeb Services. ArcWeb Services users will be able to geo-reference data found in unstructured documents such as articles, field service documents, internal reports, and web pages, and view the results in custom mapping applications. ArcWeb Services allows users to access GIS content and capabilities over the web, on-demand. Data storage, maintenance, and updates are handled by ESRI, eliminating the overhead of purchasing and maintaining large data sets.

MetaCarta, Inc.
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Compact field data transfer

Tripod Data Systems (TDS), the exclusive distributor for Nikon survey products in the United States and Puerto Rico, offers the new Nikon 602 Series total stations and a new reflectorless total station added to the Nikon 502 Series. Both 602 Series models—DTM-652 and NPL-632—feature a CompactFlash slot and a USB port for transferring field data to office computers. According to TDS, the DTM-652 is one of the fastest total stations in its class and offers 1-second angle and 2+2 ppm distance measurement capabilities. The NPL-632 features 2-second accuracy and reflectorless operation with 3+2 ppm distance measurement accuracy. The NPL-522 adds prismless operation to the Nikon 502 Series and features 3-second accuracy and reflectorless operation with 3+2 ppm distance measurement accuracy. All three models include Nikon optics and all-weather construction.

Tripod Data Systems
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Modular GPS receiver

Trimble's DSM 232 GPS receiver is capable of sub-meter, decimeter, and centimeter accuracy for both harbor and waterway applications and for system integrators. The modular receiver is designed for dynamic, real-time positioning operations on water, such as waterway dredging, where it is integrated as the positioning sensor component. The GPS receiver is easily upgraded to increase performance as positioning requirements change. With the DSM 232, one receiver can be used for positioning over large geographic (land-based) areas, with or without a base station and external radio modems, eliminating the need for multiple GPS receivers. The DSM 232 receiver features an integrated keypad and screen, and outputs industry-standard, NMEA messages for fast, easy integration into existing operations or new installations. The receiver can be used with PC-based programs such as Trimble's HYDROpro software for waterway construction projects.

Timble Navigation Ltd.
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Share spatial information

Leveraging technology from c-Plan, a European company that Autodesk acquired in 2005, Autodesk's new Topobase 2007 is built on Autodesk Map 3D and MapGuide Enterprise software and is designed to integrate with existing business systems without proprietary tools or middleware. It enables teams that collaborate on infrastructure design projects, such as water or wastewater networks, to share spatial information across departments. Topobase 2007 integrates CAD, asset, GIS, and customer information from both paper and electronic sources into a centralized infrastructure spatial information database, and can leverage project data from design and construction phases through ongoing infrastructure management.

Oracle Spatial 10g Release 2 is integrated into Topobase 2007 to provide a single repository for varied CAD, GIS, and asset data, which can eliminate the need to maintain multiple data sets. According to Autodesk, Oracle Spatial helps organizations manage spatial information in an open environment and simplifies integration with existing enterprise and GIS systems.

Autodesk Topobase 2007 functions as a framework for a series of standard modules designed for specific infrastructure systems. Each module has a detailed data model, workflows, and display models, and can easily be configured to meet specific business needs. Initially, water and wastewater modules will be available, with additional modules made available in the future. Custom modules can also be developed by Autodesk Consulting or by certified partners.

Autodesk expects Topobase 2007 to be available worldwide in International English in October 2006. The company has partnered with CH2M Hill to help Topobase customers with implementation, including software installation, data migration, database and workflow configuration, and training.

Autodesk, Inc.
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