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Big data and transportation infrastructure converge at ARTBA’s TransOvation Workshop

Washington, D.C. — How will “big data” impact transportation systems in our cities and towns? When will highways be fully equipped with internet capability? What will America’s transportation network look like by 2030? Participants at the fourth annual Dr. J. Don Brock “TransOvation Workshop” will explore these and other questions at the Nov. 17-19 event, hosted by Microsoft at its headquarters near Seattle.

Wastewater treatment plant aims to go off-the-grid

Los Angeles — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency joined the Bureau of Reclamation, the California Energy Commission, and Congressman Col. Paul Cook at the ceremonial start of Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority’s carbon-neutral energy project located at their wastewater treatment facility in Victorville, Calif. The facility aims to go off-the-grid, creating energy using tons of waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

Fracking’s environmental impacts scrutinized

Manchester, U.K. — Greenhouse gas emissions from the production and use of shale gas would be comparable to conventional natural gas, but the controversial energy source actually fared better than renewables on some environmental impacts, according to new research.

Sixteen public works professionals selected for APWA Emerging Leaders Academy

Kansas City, Mo. — The American Public Works Association (APWA) announced that 16 public works professionals were selected for the APWA Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) Program for 2014-2015. The selected participants engage in a year-long national Emerging Leaders Academy program that provides intensive leadership and management training within the context of public works. This year marks the eighth class of the special Academy program offered by APWA for emerging leaders.

Analysis of cement’s molecular structure leads to a new formula

Cambridge, Mass. — Concrete is the world’s most-used construction material, and a leading contributor to global warming, producing as much as one-tenth of industry-generated greenhouse-gas emissions. Now a new study suggests a way in which those emissions could be reduced by more than half — and the result would be a stronger, more durable material.

Tentative price agreement reached for Sarah Mildred Long Bridge

Augusta, Maine – The Maine and New Hampshire Departments of Transportation have reached a tentative price agreement with Cianbro Corporation of Pittsfield, Maine, for replacement of the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge in Kittery. The $158.5 million construction cost agreement is a major milestone in the project which is scheduled to begin in late 2014.

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